My own hair is the same length as the dreads, now what?

Are you looking for a method you can use with very long hair without loose hair hanging between your dreads? Read this blog and watch our video!

Installing Synthetic Dreads: Extra long hair method

When you have very long hair, your dreads are possibly the same length as your own hair. Even with this hair length it is possible to install dreads. We have a special technique for this, where you make a braid from your own hair. Because you make a braid of your own hair you also create a super fun look. And you don’t have loose hair hanging between your dreads with this technique. No more knotted hair :).

How does this method work?

  • Make a section of the hair in the size you want
  • Divide the tuft of hair in 2 equal strands (similar to the french technique)
  • Place the attachment piece of the dreadlock between these two strands
  • Make a braid of about 4-5 cm with one strand of the dread and the 2 strands of hair
  • Then divide the hair into 3 strands instead of 2
  • Braid the hair without the dread
  • Use an elastic band at the end of the braid
  • Done!

We’ve also made a video of this technique that you can use when installing dreads with extra long hair. 

Good luck! We’d love to see the result of your Dreadlook! Tag us on Social Media or send your photo to

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