How often can I wash my synthetic dreads?

When you have dreads installed it’s nice to wash them once in a while. But how often can you do this? In this blog we’ll tell you everything you want to know.

How often can I wash my dreads?

We recommend washing your dreads once a week at most. The water will make the dreads heavier and they can start to slide out a bit. Washing the dreads will cause your own hair to frizz more. To keep your dreads nice looking for a longer period it’s best to wash your dreads as little as possible!

If I can’t wash them too often, won’t they start to smell stale?

Not necessarily. When you use a conditioning spray in between washing them your dreads will smell nice and fresh. We have a variation of conditioning sprays you can choose from. It’s best to use a conditioning spray every 2 or 3 days.

You can also rinse just your scalp, so the length of your dreads won’t get wet

It is possible to rinse just your scalp with water. The easiest way to do this is to twist your dreads in a bun above your head, but keep some space between the bun and your scalp, so that the water can run over your scalp. Hold the showerhead with your free hand and let the water run over your scalp (you can also do this by keeping your head upside down in the sink or in the shower/bathtub) It depends on what you prefer.
You can also wash your hair like this, but be careful you don’t get shampoo in your eyes!

Sports and wearing dreads

If you practice sports and sweat a lot because of this it’s nice to keep your dreads and scalp smelling fresh. After your workout you can spray a conditioning spray on your dreads and scalp to freshen them up. But it can also be nice to rinse your scalp with water, as written above.

What’s better for my dreads? Spray shampoo or regular shampoo?

There are different shampoos you can use when wearing dreads. Spray shampoo is a great option for synthetic dreads. It is very easy to use and has a nice smell. The shampoo is easy to rinse out and because you don’t have to rub in the shampoo it will cause less frizz with your own hair. You can use your own shampoo, but make sure you put the shampoo in a spray bottle and add water. This way you don’t have to rub it on your scalp and there is less chance there will be shampoo remains on your scalp after rinsing out the shampoo.

Enjoy your freshly washed Dreads!

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