How do I compose my own Dreadset?

Where do you start when choosing the Dreadset that suits you? We have different types of dreads, so start by picking which dread is most suitable for you. Within the different types of dreads we offer there are different lengths and colors. Here also applies: what suits you? In this blog we want to help you make the right choice.

RenateCombining different types and styles of Dreadlocks

We offer you different types of Dreads you can choose from. Thin, Thick, Medium, anything you want! You can also combine these different types of dreads. For example a combination of Thin and Thick dreads. Or do you prefer a combination of Crochet and Medium Dreads? That’s works too. Do you want to get inspired? Take a peek in our Lookbook!

Combining different Dread lengths

You can find our Dreadlocks in different lengths. We offer the Thin and Thick dreads in three different lengths. But you can also create different lengths in your hairstyle yourself. For example by choosing long Dreads at the back of your head and short Dreads on top of your head. This way you create a fun layer effect. If you want the dreads to be more in one length you can install shorter Dreads at the back of your head and long Dreads on top. Of course you can also choose to buy one length.  

YessicaColor combinations of Dreads

The choice in dread colors we offer goes beyond the colors of the rainbow. Everything is possible, you can combine pretty much all variations. Do you see a beautiful color of Medium Dreads that you love, but this color isn’t available in the other type of Dreads you want to order? No problem. Combine these with each other, just make sure you have 6 packs in total!

Developing your dreads

During the development process of our Dreads, we thought long and hard about its use and comfort. We have developed the Dreads in such a way that whichever combination you go for, you can always choose six packs for a full head of dreads. This is on average. Do you have thick or a lot of hair? Order a seventh pack just to be sure. You can read more about it in this Blog.

Composed Dread Sets

When you’re having a hard time composing your own Dreadset, check our composed Dreadsets! We try to offer many different styles to inspire you, we hope you see something you like! If not, or you want a set just a little different, compose 6 packs of dreadlocks yourself!

Good luck and have fun choosing, do you want to share your new look with us? Tag us on Social Media or send your picture to

Go to YouTube and watch our videos in which we show you exactly how you can install your Dreads.

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