Can I use the regrowth of my synthetic dreads to start real dreads?

Maybe you have been doubting for a while about getting Real Dreads, so how does this work? And can I use the regrowth of my fake dreads to start real dreads? This seems an easy solution, but we definitely don’t recommend this. In this blog we explain why this is not a good idea.

There are different reasons why you shouldn’t use the regrowth of your synthetic dreads to start Real Dreads.

  • Synthetic dreads are too heavy to be used as extensions for your real dreads. Because you use a single ended dreads to extend Real Dreads and the synthetic dreads are in most cases double ended dreads. So this is double the weight.
  • It is more difficult to keep the dreads clean. Especially when you have been wearing the synthetic dreads for a while, you’ll see a lot of loose roots and flocks of dust in the regrowth. This will eventually grow into the Real Dreads and becomes very hard to wash out.
  • It is more difficult to maintain the dreads. Palm rolling for example will be much harder to do.
  • There will be braided parts in your dreads. When your real dreads start to grow you will always see a “braid” in your dreads, with which the synthetic dread was installed.
  • You can’t touch up / maintain this ‘braid’ like you would touch up a real dread. Eventually you would have to cut off this piece, or comb it out and create a new dreadlock.
  • The ends of your own hair will not mat up as well in the dread process. When you use the regrowth of your synthetic dreads the hair length that is used to braid in the dreads will not mat up, this part will probably not become a beautiful dread.
  • The size of the sections is also important. Especially with Thin Dreads the sections are pretty small, if you make real dreads with too little hair, your dreads can break off when your dreads keep growing longer.

Would you still like to get Real Dreads?

Choose a different technique to make Real Dreads. On this information page you can read everything about making Real Dreads. In our assortment we offer several dreadkits that you can use to make Real Dreads.

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